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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Introducing Smacka Batch

The future is on fire for Mississippi Hip Hop star and musical entrepreneur Smacka Batch, whose break-through albums and supercharged live performances have earned widespread acclaim and an ever-expanding base of devoted fans. The latest stop on his supersonic journey through life is a new album, 80’s Baby Boomer, containing the hit single, I Just Wanna Talk 2 U, featuring Recognition.

Since his debut album in 2005 – Got Who? Got Smack – Smacka Batch has rocketed to the top of the Mississippi Hip Hop scene. In 2009, he became a three-time winner of the Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year title during the Jackson Music Awards (2006, 2007, 2009). He was also named Grinder of the Year by Yazoo City’s Club 3 in 2006. Released in 2007, Smacka Batch’s second full-length album, Live from the Plantation, featured a multi-talented ensemble of musicians and recording artists from Smacka Batch’s original label, Southern Plantation Records.

Judging from the reaction of fans and critics, their hard work and creativity paid off. In addition to being named Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year in 2007, Southern Plantation won the title National Group of the Year as Live from the Plantation took the South by storm. The album sold more than 10,000 units and propelled Smacka Batch to the forefront of the fiercely competitive regional Hip Hop scene. Further boosting the band’s brand, Smacka Batch gained endorsements from world-renowned megasports game machine EA Sports and has hosted a number of popular mixtapes marketed on the EA Sports label.

So, how did Smacka Batch – born Shadrach Banks in humble Farmhaven, Miss. – make it all happen? Banks gives credit to his positive vision, strengthened by faith in God and an abiding love of music as a language that transcends. Smackabatch crafts his songs and messages passionately, blending metaphor and reality in a rapid-fire delivery that cuts straight to the truth. “I want my music to do more than just entertain,” he said. “I also see myself as a teacher. I want to make people think about things and see what’s important in life. I talk about consequences in my music and the need for people to be responsible for their own actions.”

Smacka Batch started refining his musical talents as founder and leader of The Misfit Mafia in 1999. The band established a reputation across Mississippi as an ambitious rap and hip-hop force, and the experience gave him the confidence he needed to branch out in 2004 as a solo artist. He still maintains close bonds with former bandmates and features two of them – Twylyte Da Bandit and J-Blade – on his own albums.

In addition to venues throughout Mississippi, Smacka Batch has performed in Georgia, Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Keep up with the latest news on Southern Plantaion records, live performances, videos and exclusive merchandise at and on the Smacka Batch fan page on Facebook.


Download the new single "I Just Want To Talk 2 U" ft Recognition

Visit Smacka Batch via the following sites:

Fax: 601-957-5763
Cell: 601-850-7907

Road Manager:
Shadrach Banks

Sunday, November 22, 2009



"Here is the second leak from Myself and Pajozo's album Soul Food...this song is entitled God's Love...I wanted to create a song that had a purpose and was uplifting from the usual shake ya booty booty music most of these doja's put out (yes shot's were just taken BANG) as always I freestyled my verses...the song came out dope...myself and Pajozo are aiming to release Soul Food on will be available at all digital retailers...props to everyone that supports"